5-Minute Games

 If you have other 5-minute games to recommend, please let me know.

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 Most of these titles are either variations of earlier titles or progenitors of a family of similar games.

    Angry Birds (once upon a time there was Artillery Duel...)
    Bejeweled (and family)
    Breakout (and many derivatives)
    Bubble Blaster (Pop-It, Bust-a-Move, etc.)
    Centipede (and the many variations)
    Cube Runner
    DDR/Guitar Hero/Rock Band
    Dig Dug
    Falling Sand
    Flight Control
    Fruit Ninja
    Jack Attack
    Loco Roco
    Marble Madness
    Mario Bros.
    Missile Command
    Moon Patrol
    Motorstorm (or Road Rash or Need for Speed, any vehicle race)
    Pac Man
    Paper Toss
    Pitfall (and the many side-scrolling shooters)
    Pixel Junk Shooter and SideScroller
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Space Invaders
    Tower Defense