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One of the best of these Rube Golberg-like machines ever!
Funny fails, and no one gets badly hurt
Brown bear cam
Slow motion awesomeness
Japan's Trump 2016 commercial
The Singularity and the end of humanity
Star Relax Fractal Trip
Bohemian Gravity
Best of truck drivers
Upside-down things
    This house, view 1
        View 2
    These places, House 1
        House 2
        House 3
    The Katmandu, view 1
        View 2
    The awesome Wonder Works, view 1
        View 2
        View 3
    Museum piece
    And these clever people
        Somehow hang upside-down!
    It's a Ford!
When your jam comes on!
Changing room prank
Ping pong Matrix-style
The famous Wilhelm scream, used in thousands of movies
Elvis sings for Pappadums
Curious coiled wire illusion
Stabilized chicken head
The 4-year timelapse light echo of V838 Monocerotis, star gone nova
Imogen Heap's cool music gloves
That's a 10, smack smack smack
Burning Man 2013 timelapse
Kid playing with some high-tech toys!
Enjoy this wonderfully absurd dance!
When luck is on your side
The undersea cables of the Internet
Yosemite in time-lapse
It's Not Kittens, It's Chicken
Climbing Shanghai Tower. Not for the squeamish!
Immersive Movie Experience
Artificial Paradise, cool to the point of creepy
Picard ABC Song
Cockpit view of an Airbus 380 landing at SFO
    Poppins Remix
    Bloom - Disney Melodious Remix
    Mellow Brick Road - Delightful Oz Remix
        Pleasant sister piece to Mellow Brick Road
    Touching treatment of Muppets and Sesame Street
    Pulp Fiction - NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR KIDS
    Jaaam from Bel-Air
    Pogo stars in the Wizard Of Meh
Simpsons Unusual Couch Gags
    by Sylvain Chomet
    by Guillermo del Toro
    by Bill Plympton
    plus the surreal MusicVille
Awesome little animations
    Best skateboard move ever
    Almost hit by train
    Close call with kid
    So close to a road truck collision
    So close to a monster truck collision
    Almost run over by train
    Tubing success
    Roof full of snow going down
    Snowmobile going down
    Snowmobile going down for good
    Fast driving avoids the flood
    Penguins terrible obstacle
    Bulldog owns that chair
    World's Heaviest Balloon
    Pop bubblewrap hardcore
    Robot arm juggles phone
Star Trek crews sings Make It So, Make It So, Make It So
ASCII fluid dynamics
Alexei the Terrible - Bus driver from hell - don't mess with this guy!
Box light performance. Awesome visual effects!
Promotional video for camera is pretty awesome
Mountain ridge biking, with a backflip over a 72ft canyon
Skiing the hard way
Highly aggressive quadcopter maneuvers
The ram does not like this guy's moterbike
Big jets flying low and slow
Ylvis the Fox
Babies commercial
Funny fails (not horrible)
    Ouch 1
    Ouch 2
5 ways to know you're watching a Spielberg movie
Animusic, a very cool music machine
    Pipe Dreams
    Starship Groove
Matrix in 60 seconds
Underwater base jumping
Big Lebowski, Chicken Edition - VERY NOT SAFE FOR KIDS OR WORK
   and of course Pulp Fiction F*ing Short Version -  NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR KIDS
    Wonderfully funny and surreal animation by Cyriak
    Sophisticated Cyriak take on the family home movie
    Nightmarish kitty animations too
    Disturbing musical animation about cows
People perform some physical feats
Video tour inside the International Space Station
Hawking on wing, would be awesome!
Camera over the Golden Gate
Video of an airplane crash, from inside the cockpit. Seriously. Everyone lives, but nevertheless this is potent stuff, so think about it before you watch.
Go Team's Junior Kickstart Pac-Man video.
Synchronized rhythms
    Swinging pendulums
    5 metronomes
    9 metronomes
Grim collision, paraglider versus hang glider
Hula Cam at Burning Man
Tazer Ball
Video over Burning Man
Pavisich and DeWild recommend: Shake It Baby
Guru meditates on 404 error
Decelerated video
    Video of light at 1,000,000,000,000 frames per second
    Video of vibrating oil, 1,000 frames per second
    Video of Alan Rickman drinking a cup of tea most ominously
Go Team's Junior Kickstart Pac-Man video.
Robot rotors perform the James Bond theme (the end is the best!)
Presenting V Motion, a visual motion music project:
Canadian national anthem, performed on Canadian beer products
Yosemite - Range of Light
Awesome presentation showing the scale of the universe. The best one of these I've seen so far. Truly excellent.
Paraglider skiing the Alps
Current U.S. wind animation using streaked lines.
Not fair to Newt, but a funny work of art
Excellent stop-motion and time lapse video of sports and nature. It's awesome and just keeps getting MORE AWESOME
I fink u freeky and i like it a lot
This guy is trying to understand the idiosyncracies of life
    "Shooting Fish In The Barrel, Why Is It That?"
    "Rock Scissors Paper, Your Logik Is Not Right"
Wrestling kid goes beast mode! Simply awesome
Here is an amazing mirror prank.  I wish they had done it to me!
Help!  The Beatles have been shredded!
Her Morning Elegance: Excellent animated rock video, song so fine, animation simply superb
    The original
    The remake
Aurora borealis curtains
Gorgeous time-lapse video: The Mountain
Arctic lights
Teddy bear pilot
Battle at F-Stop Ridge
Water-powered jet pack!
Bike rides to try
    Craziest - the jump at 0:45 alone is worth the watch!
Car wash gone very wrong
Winter Seasonal Song - NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR KIDS
Hey, is that me?!
Scariest video of the Japan 2011 tsunami
I ain't gonna pee pee my bed tonight
This video shows the columns of air we love in paragliding - a thermal wanders around a farmer's field
Turtles need satisfaction too, even if it's with a toothbrush!
How to do everything faster
I just had sex! - NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR KIDS
What fun!  A marching band does a formation of kicking a football!
Enjoy the scale of cells down to atoms
The Beatles - Animation of Birthday
Sammy Scales, saxophone detective
Trailer for the movie Clown
Steve gets arrested again!  The best moment starts around 1:25
Dance lizard dance!
Homemade spacecraft!
Maybe the most awesome Mandelbrot dive ever
Flying over Mirror Lake
Half-speed Judge Judy - They all sound totally drunk, or stupid, or something!
Wow, fascinating McCollough Effect!
Self-referential webcast!
Monkey riding a motorcycle.  'Nuf said
Double Rainbow
    The original
    Double rainbow auto-tuned delightfully
Movie of San Francisco minutes before the 1906 earthquake.  Fascinating view of the way life was in that year!
The universe is a big place
Salad Fingers.  Extremely weird and disturbing
    End Love, the latest bit of genius from OK Go
    PS - Also I hope that you have seen Here It Goes Again by OK Go
    PPS - And especially enjoy This Too Shall Pass by OK Go
How ads used to look when men were men
Cuber, a pleasant construction kit puzzle game
Little Bunny Foo Foo
How fast is your internet connection?  Try these speed tests
The smile on his mother's face while emailing with her iPad... Priceless  :-)
Two guitars one musician (Super Mario theme)
Very cool face memory test from the BBC
Have you seen the Embrace Life seat belt video? It is pretty awesome
Lynn Wu Cohen do a cover version of Toxicity on violins and drums
Stewie composes a song.  Don't bring me down!
Video of paragliding on skis.  Best I've ever seen
Juggler drives a nail.  What do you think?  Is it real?
Elena the contortionist makes a pool shot
Superb optical illusion about nuts.  I'm going to build a viewing box to recreate this illusion myself!
A gallery of photos from the past superimposed on the same location today.
Get into the season's spirit by enjoying the Silent Monks performing the Halleluja chorus!
What English sounds like to foreigners
Perception Trick
    The amazing color-changing card trick.  Pleasant foolery!
    Plus some follow-on science
Space Chair project, a retake of the original "Escape Vehicle Number 6" by Simon Faithfull
Keep it going louder: Party with six chicks deep!
Wow, excellent animation showing the scale of things.  Grab that slider and be amazed
Endless zoom into the scene.  Hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse up or down
Portsmouth Sinfonia
    2001 title sequence performed by a school orchestra.  Hilarious!
    Here's the story about the delightful Portsmouth Sonfonia project
Universcale.  Very informative!  I intended to do something like this for Burning Man a few years ago.  I should do mine!
McFerrin and the power of the pentatonic scale
Paraglider wingovers with partial collapse
Charlie bit me
    Charlie bit me and that really hurt
Train applies brakes with vigor
Train versus tornado.  Train loses
Auto-Tune the News takes on all topics that are charged up currently.  That angry gorilla is angry!
We all gettin a stimulus package
Video of me launching my paraglider at The Dumps
It's Powers of Ten Interactive!  Zoom out to see the whole galaxy, zoom in to the level of quarks
Serious acrobatic paragliding.  Typical day for me...just kidding!
Listen to jokes.  Think you can do better?  Make a submission!
Hat Creek paragliding launch.  This is going to be me soon
Ambiguity Fractal
Happy-heart paragliding video
Big Picture collection of related photos
Food porn.  Daily.  Seriously.
Music machines
    Music machine, animated - Animusic
    Music machine, real - Felix's Machines
Fluid simulation!  Nicely done
You hit me in the face with a soccer ball
Obama's Elf.  Only 19 seconds.  Really silly funny
Guinea Pigs eat their greens, Lady and the Tramp style.  Very silly
Her Morning Elegance: Excellent animated rock video, song so fine, animation simply superb
Star Wars - That Hussy Ain't Our Kin!
Kerpal: You kicked my dog. You know damn right! - NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR KIDS
Car + Paraglider Wing = Skycar.  Seriously
Exercising robot...or is it?
The dance of the eyebrows
Death appears from behind - excellent prank!
Hold this for me comedy sketch
George Carlin makes it to heaven
Amazing running jumping flying kid
Time-lapse movie of the sky in motion
280,951 post-its
The cylinder bore is just under 38" and the stroke is just over 98".
  Each cylinder displaces 111,143 cubic inches (1820 liters)
  and produces 7780 horsepower:
Omigod, it's brilliant!  Coffin couches
100 Most Common English Words quiz
Paris sez:  I'll see you at the debates, b*tches
Yes!  Dramatic Lemur!
Bert and Ernie do "Kidnap That Fool"
RJ rolls Kevdog's RV-7 airplane
Countdown to pwned
David Elsewhere does an amazing intricate dance at Kollaboration 2001
Leroy Jenkins!  "At least I have chicken."
Gold pill makes your poop glitter.  Only $425.  Seriously.
Star Wars dance off.  The best is Vader starting at 2:53
Flickr picture color selector, largely useless but browsingly fun
Pull it!  Pull it!  Amy Poehler plays with the most obscene toy of that holiday season
Brilliant Beckett-esque Charlie Rose interviewing Charlie Rose
Amazing, beautifully composed bento boxes
Aerobatics champ Patty Wagstaff flies!
Chocolate Rain
A video constructed from numerous internet memes.  Nicely done!
Ah yes, the ol' Vinnie Vavoom
My loony bun is fine Benny Lava!  Minor bun engine made Benny Lava!
Yokohama at night, and other great panoramas
Charming drama about preschool politics
'Unbelievable' sportsmanship in softball game
F*ck the pain away, sung by Miss Piggy.  NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR KIDS
Good interview with Dan Castellaneta, voice of Homer Simpson
Asylum Street Spankers sing about our oil consumption
Poor salesman, but the guy just wants a Doovde player
Games for the brain, some good
Singing tesla coil
3D Logic Spiel
Elephant paints a picture of an elephant.  Pretty cool!
OK Go performs Here It Goes Again on treadmills
Here is an actual NTSB accident report, and also a prime example of how to say it without actually saying it...
How to do the saw trick!
    The Tragicomic Misadventures of the Clumsy Psychic Waitress
    Hey, son, what do you want for your birthday
    Looking for a good time
    Man, this light is taking forever
    Look, a dead bird
    First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women
    Don't worry Mr. Grumpy!  I'll teach you how to share
    Man this is the longest pee I've ever taken
    [frowning mac and ibm users...]
    [listening to an ipod...]
    heh heh heh
    Use the force, Luke
    The Internet fosters poor communication skills
    [mime feeling around inside a box...]
    Hey, check it out.  I got a helper monkey
    Anything else?
    Hey, I'll give you $20 to flick matches at me
    I wish I knew how to quit you...
Where there are rocks, watch out!  Watch out
Beautiful live senju kannon (watch the first few minutes anyway)
ASCII animation nicely done
Nifty little dancing lines doodler
Paraglider launch off of a crane; another paragliding thing I won't do
Fight for kisses (warning, also an advertisement)
Compilation of pratfalls from Japanese television
The mysterious sliding rocks of Racetrack Playa
If you are a tech geek, you will appreciate these tools
    Hey, do you want any watermelon?
    Oh my god kitty are you drawing?
    Choose your own adventure
    Hello, sir.  ere is your mail
    Today I will make decisions
    I can fly
    Hey look at that bird over there
    Morning Mr. Triangles
    Oh snap giant scorpion
    This is Max
    This is Doug
Slow-motion video of a water balloon not bursting
    Being a cloud is so wonderful
    Wanna play work
    You may now kiss the bride
    I made a fortune in video games in the 1980s
    People think goldfish are so stupid
    Mommy will you buy me a pony
    Doctor, this is really embarrassing but...
    Listen Charlie, your school friends may tell you...
    Oh no Mr. Cheepers I'm having a heart attack
    Unfair to workers
    Welcome to hell
    Gladys, want to read my new science fiction story
What is Love:  The Next Generation
Huge Rocket-Powered Model of X-Wing Fighter
Hyper-realistic sculpture by Ron Mueck
Skiing and paragliding.  Great combo!
Detailed German buzz bomb page
You can own an integer too
I love this stuff.  Amazing basketball player Jason McElway
Maxamillion sez:  hope you enjoy fett music video
Pearl the Landlord.  Ouch!  NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR KIDS
Dancy, monkeys, dance!
It's Business Time
Zen channel, very light mix
Phew, tough tower defense game holding off the marauders!
Visit the skeleton of an abandoned missile silo
Superb WC hack!  I especially like the guy who went back in!
What a wonderful world of hand shadows
    And here is Louie Armstrong himself
Cyanide and Happiness
    Sometimes I Just Feel Like You Never Notice Me
    How Much
    Oh My God There's Only Three Panels
    Happy Birthday to You
    I Keep Getting a Negative Answer for Number Ten
    Here Is Your Cappuccino Sir
    And the Bomb Read 0:05
    I Think I'll Shove This Stick Up My Nose
    Wanna Have Sex
    Sorry Things Are So Rough For Ya Lately
    Steve I Think You Have an Emotionally Abusive Alcohol Addiction
    An Ancient Philosopher Once Said
    [sound of gunshot]
    Hold On I Gotta Take This
    Contrary to Popular Belief
    That's My Shirt
    I Want Your Babies
    Find Any Clues Yet Detective
    A Radioactive Spider
    What Happened to Your Legs
    Someone Help
    Check Out My Pet Rock
    Thou Shall Be Granted Three Wishes
    hi dad i wont b
How to make roses from maple leaves
The Indian Song.  Please don't ever tell me what this song is actually about
Free Hugs Campaign (I'm a sap; it makes me teary every time)
I hate pickles
Is anything more soothing than some leek spinning?
Oh my.  So very, very wrong.  Tiny Tim doing "Do You Think I'm Sexy"
Here is the record of a crime spree I always wanted to commit
Hypnotic spline drawing
You can do anything at zombo com, anything at all
Laser illusions nicely done.  Some of the effects are splendid
Video effects demonstrated trampoliningly
Wow!  Cool trick creates the illusion of 3D photos (some from Burning Man)
Baby Got Back (acoustic)
Map "game" is harder than I expected!  "War is God's way of teaching geography to Americans"
They convert railroad tracks into a rollercoaster
Now that I can paraglide, I'm going to try ski-gliding next...Not!
What do you think...is it true?  This bird can make the sound of a chainsaw?
One woman band.  Nice boots too!  The ending is especially good
   One man band.  Nice eyebrows too.  The ending is very something
Trekalot - Star Trek meets Monthy Python - "It is a silly place"
Bunch of Monty Python clips
Panaromic view of the Grand Canyon
Stephen draws Rome
    Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic with amazing abilities to remember and to draw
    More on Stephen...
    Stephen draws Tokyo
Enjoy a happy moment.  Little 4 year old Hunter Hayes performing Jambalaya
Mix two classics--Bollywood and the legend of Superman--and you've got a sure hit
Amateur - Can't play drums, can't play the piano
Special Christmas box - VERY NOT SAFE FOR KIDS OR WORK
Cool compilation of optical illusions
Me at Burning Man, 2003
Can you reach 100 yards, double wire dude?
Where the hell is my ol' friend Matt?
Kevdog says, "Thank you for being my friend" (I made it to 3,887,898 with volume on)
Line rider (lots of fun, wish it had undo and wish the save worked!)
This is why I am learning to paraglide
Falling sand
Edward Gorey's Gashlycrumb Tinies
Big Lebowski, Chicken Edition - VERY NOT SAFE FOR KIDS OR WORK
   and of course Pulp Fiction F*ing Short Version -  NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR KIDS
Darth Smartass
Really freaky mudslide
Best bman photos ever ;-)
To see a live 24-hour camera pointed at a watering hole in South Africa, where one often finds wonderful views of wildlife (I'm watching a cheetah right now):
  - Go to http://www.africam.com/
  - On the left edge, near the top, click on NKORHO STREAM
Phew!  Galen norrman beatboxar you bet!
Hmm.  Interesting movie matching service.
Walken!  Walken!  Weapon of Choice
Kenya believe it?!
Beatboxen Bush
Star Trek Cribs (I always imagine my friend Doug McB doing Spock)
Ah, the Beer Cannon.  Must build me a beer cannon...