Big Space and Time Bubbles - Dark Energy Explained

I have this vision.  In this vision, our universe is one bubble in the True Universe.  This True Universe, also known as the Big Space and Time, is not just the local stuff that we can see.  Sadly we humans are crippled by speed-of-light limitations which prevent us from seeing the True Universe.  The True Universe goes on infinitely in 3-d space beyond what we can perceive.  (It probably goes on infinitely in 4-d space too.)  All around us the real stuff of Big Space and Time is churning with expanding and collapsing bubbles, each bubble a universe.  These universe bubbles are all mashed together and they jostle and press and pull against each other like foam, like bubbles of champagne. 

The local stuff that we can see seems traceable to a Big Bang (or perhaps a Big Smear).  But the reality is that this "bubble" of our universe is only one space that's expanding inside this infinitely big Big Space and Time, and as this bubble of ours expands it is applying a compression force to the space around it, and external compression forces from other nearby expanding bubbles are pressing against our bubble too, and some of the nearby bubbles are collapsing which apply a negative pressure to our bubble causing our bubble to expand.  The local physics of our bubble is discernable and computable, yes, but there is this other-worldly and seemingly-inexplicable set of other pressures that act on our bubble which come from the dynamics of the other bubbles and other nearby stuff of Big Space around our bubble.  THAT is what Dark Energy is, I suspect.  There is no mysterious Dark Matter or Dark Energy, there merely are forces acting on us externally. 

And if we ever discover that "Dark Energy" is at all asymmetric or variable, I will be sure that this theory is correct.

Anyway, that's what the mushrooms told me to say. 

Update:  You know, this could be what caused this so-called "inflation" period of our universe. I dislike all this "inflation" nonsense, except we can easily imagine some sort of hyper-inflation-based effect caused by the surrounding bubbles.  The Big Bang, followed by the Big Watermelon Seed Squeeze. Heh, maybe...