Resume of RJ Mical

My professional career started with arcade game development at Williams Electronics and led to my role in the creation of the Amiga Computer.  I was co-inventor of the Atari Lynx handheld game system and the 3DO entertainment console, and I led software engineering at Ericsson Red Jade.  I was Chief Architect for the Fathammer mobile 3D game engine, Anti-Spam Hero for BarracudaNetworks, and VP Software for GlobalVR.  Most recently I guided system software technology development for Sony's Playstation product line.  Now I am publishing my own inventions.  I have received 11 patents, and over the years I've created 5 successful startup companies, designed 4 hardware platforms, architected 3 operating systems, created two developer support organizations, and developed more than 15 video games. 


Game design and development

System architecture

Developer support

Team building and leadership

Technical writing

User interface design

Evangelism and spokesmanship

Software tool design

3D technology

Programming languages:  Any assembly, C, C++, Perl, and a little Java and Javascript; others taken on as needed

My three greatest professional strengths: I am an inventor, a leader, and a seasoned software engineer.  The software engineering came first, with many years in the trenches designing and programming at all levels from assembly language on up.  This led to a career in software architecture, team building, and leadership of the engineers tasked with the design and development effort, which sometimes were huge design and development efforts.  As an inventor I have 11 patents to my name.  I've been an accomplished programmer for 23 years, and successfully led countless software groups on countless software missions.  My other specialties include technical documentation, user interface design, and game design.  I built several developer support organizations and designed complete suites of development tools.  My skills are many, and I easily develop new ones as needed; for example, the whole Red Jade audio subsystem was new to me and I deeply enjoyed learning what was required!

I take pleasure in any scale of project, from individual contract jobs to full-scale efforts, such as the Ericsson Red Jade effort, where I was responsible for all internal system software technology including the architecture and implementation of the system software, the suite of launch programs, an Internet distribution system, tools development, our developer environment, and the Red Jade user interface definition.  And QA and MIS reported to me too. 

There is a time to delegate, and a time to to learn it and do it yourself.  I know the difference.  I take great pleasure from being hands-on and doing things myself, but I also take great pleasure in being the leader of a dedicated, passionate team. 

I attended Brother Rice High School.  I was graduated from the University of Illinois, with dual major degrees in Computer Science and in English, and with a minor degree in Philosophy.  Metaphysics, phew. 

Lots, but the best was a year spent traveling with a backpack around the world.  You should do this too. 

I live life with gusto, and I try to inspire those passions in everyone around me.  In addition to being an expert at technology I also am compassionate and skillful with human relations, and this combination makes me a good boss.  I am an inventor and a fine engineer too.  These skills make me a valuable asset for a company to have, so I often have had great opportunities to work on big projects, with results that have been very satisfying, for me, for my employees, and especially for my employers.