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The Movienight List

At last! Here is the official movienight list.
If you have movies to recommend, let me know.

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13 Mar 10Assorted Shorts
11 Jun 09House of Yes
24 Jan 08The Opposite of Sex ***
15 Jun 06Desperate Living
24 Jan 06Happiness of the Katakuris **
10 Nov 05Primer
28 Jul 05Triplets of Belleville
21 Apr 05Space Cowboys
21 Sep 04Jacob's Ladder
25 Sep 03RJ's Burning Man Video
17 Jul 03Eversmile, New Jersey
08 Jun 03The Way Things Go / Curse of the Queerwolf
14 Mar 03Lady's Man
13 Mar 03City of Lost Children
07 Mar 03Mardi Gras Movienight - Queen of the Damned
12 Dec 02Shaolin Soccer
22 Mar 02Movienight Lite at GDC
01 Mar 02Hedwig and the Angry Inch [in California]
15 Feb 02Hedwig and the Angry Inch [in Finland]
29 Jan 02Mystery Train
03 Jan 02O Brother Where Art Thou
12 Oct 01Airplane
13 Sep 01Best in Show
15 Aug 01Pay It Forward
25 Jul 01Boy and his Dog
05 May 01Timecode
04 Apr 01Map of the World
30 Oct 00Scary Movienight Pumpkin Carving Party
10 Oct 00The Castle
12 Sep 00Being John Malkovich
15 Jun 00Six String Samurai
03 May 00Sling Blade
11 Apr 00The Sixth Sense
23 Mar 00Go
09 Feb 00Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
01 Feb 00High and Low
06 Jan 00Run Lola Run
09 Dec 99The Matrix
11 Nov 99Buffalo '66
04 Aug 99Smila's Sense of Snow
21 Jul 99The Killing
08 Jul 99Highway 61
14 Jun 99Alice
19 May 99Happiness
02 May 99Brazil (The European Cut) (S.F. Field Trip)
21 Apr 99Dead Man
14 Apr 99The Jerk
07 Apr 99So I Married an Axe Murderer / Monks Training Video
17 Mar 99The Professional
03 Mar 99Twenty Bucks
19 Feb 99The Princess Bride
03 Feb 99The Wizard of Oz
06 Jan 99The Spanish Prisoner
16 Dec 98Star Trek: Insurrection
02 Dec 98Funny Bones
18 Nov 98Warren Miller's Freeriders
11 Nov 98Zero Effect
29 Oct 98Evil Dead Trap (S.F. Field Trip)
14 Oct 98The Sweet Hereafter
23 Sep 98Body Heat
05 Aug 98Fast, Cheap and Out of Control
08 Jul 98Strictly Ballroom
30 Apr 98Shakes the Clown
?? Apr 98The Big One
15 Apr 98Waiting for Guffman
01 Apr 98Forbidden Planet
25 Mar 98Blood Simple
04 Mar 98Nixon
24 Feb 98Rear Window
18 Feb 98Twenty Bucks
21 Jan 98Fearless
14 Jan 98Troops / Fun
07 Jan 98What's Eating Gilbert Grape
17 Dec 97Meet the Feebles
09 Dec 97A Christmas Story / The Christmas Martian
02 Dec 97White
12 Nov 97Twelve Angry Men
05 Nov 97Dr. Strangelove (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying...)
29 Oct 97"The Terrifying Pumpkin Carving Party 1997"
22 Oct 97Clerks
15 Oct 97The Princess Bride
08 Oct 97Apocalypse Now
01 Oct 97Dream With the Fishes
24 Sep 97Dogs in Space *
17 Sep 97Harold and Maude
10 Sep 97The Brother From Another Planet
03 Sep 97Secrets & Lies
27 Aug 97The Usual Suspects
20 Aug 97Raising Arizona
13 Aug 97Swimming with Sharks
30 Jul 97Unstrung Heroes
23 Jul 97The Hudsucker Proxy
16 Jul 97The Wizard of Speed and Time
09 Jul 97The Truth About Cats & Dogs
02 Jul 97The Young Poisoner's Handbook
18 Jun 97Dark Side of Oz/2001 Echoes
no dateWings of Desire
no dateTank Girl
no dateThe Man Who Fell to Earth
no dateLost Highway
no dateHow to Get Ahead in Advertising
no dateGhost in the Shell
no dateFrench Kiss
no dateDiva
no dateBliss

*** The invite to this movie was blocked by a great many spam filters, presumably because of the title, "The Opposite of Sex."
** We've seen a lot of weirdness at movienight, but Happiness of the Katakuris is probably the weirdest of them all, ever!
* Dogs in Space is notable because it's the only movie in all of movienight history that we did not watch to the end. It was so bad that the unanimous opinion was to turn it off and spend the evening partying instead.

RJ Beckons